1. the end of a crane
2. an offensive response when nothing else can be thought of
1. "Look theres some wire on the cranes job"
2. Jordan - "I dont like you!"
James - "Yeah, well....you're a jib!"
by James Stone December 03, 2006
1. To slide or grind a rail or box ON A SNOWBOARD!
2. A box or rail... period... (this can be kinked, straight, curved it really doesnt matter)
1. Did you see me jib that rail?
2. Check out that jib.
by JHOO June 09, 2006
to jib basicly means (1) to stop, or (2) to say you dont want to do something.
(1) someone is doing something you dont like, you say "jib it"
(2)"wanna go the shops" 'jib that'
by DaveKilledKenny April 29, 2004
Used as a synonym for "shutdown" and describes one person being "shutdown"
"you jibbed him good"
"you were just fully jibbed"
by Jay Pickle 2K3 September 10, 2003
A sand nigger,towel head,bed sheet wearing Muslim
That fucking Jib in the taxi cut me off ,fuck him and his people.

Washington Dc is full of fucking Jibs.
by brucesaysfuckem May 08, 2012
US Marine and Navy slang for face or chin.
That Devil Dog punched me right across my jib!!!
by Rocket Hound May 08, 2011
Jacking off in the bathroom. Known by the acronym, j.i.b.
Did anyone else jib in the strip club bathroom tonight?

My friend is cool, but he's a jibber.
by Pink Pony Jibber July 29, 2009

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