to mastrubate
"Man, I gotta jib."
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
To grind like in skateboarding on a snowboard usually on a rail or log. Jib is a category of grinds. There are others like crooked nose press, and boardslides and other shit.
Alex!, did you see me totaly jib that whole S-rail!!! It was so tight.
by bill February 07, 2003
To "trick" off of as in snowboarding
"jib that rail" "we could so jib that handrail"
by motionridr8 January 15, 2003
Slang for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB)
According to research, jib is one of the more than 80 known names for GHB.
To snowboard on something other than snow... logs, grass... etc.
"We jibbed the woods today"
by Robb May 29, 2003
A little portion of a piece of food.
Can I have a jib of your cookie?
by Axis DeSantes March 07, 2003
jibs -
jibs, those little bits of skin you see just peeking out from under a pair of daisy dukes on a tight posterior.
dang ma, i can see your jibs.
by ben newton December 16, 2006
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