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A word used to describe a person with wisdom; better described as a noob on a power-trip. Nowadays this word is used daily, all over the globe. People are saying it, shouting it, whispering it. It's off the charts. Often when someone is called a jext, it means that person uses their wisdom to fool other people. Do not ever trust a person when they refer you to a jext.
Example #1:
"Whoever created this must be utterly jextious!"

Example #2:
"The jextition is rising."

Example #3:
"Dude, you're so dumb, L2Jext."
by L. Ortchekst April 29, 2008
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The act of crossing identical texts. Jinx via text message.
Bob: That game was amazing!
Dave: Over time!! Bob: Over time!!
Dave: Jext!
Bob: Lol! You sly dogger!

(Bob and Dave go way back, and have a very jovial friendship.)
by Palermo Princess February 04, 2014

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