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An all-encompassing term for persons or actions which are being or acting in a jewish or jewed-up manner. A cheap bitch of a situation in which you are fucked over by a knit-picking bunch of cheap two-faced crap.
I had about all the jewry I could take when the gay wedding-planner told me that the ice would cost $2.00 per cube.
#jewish #jewed #jewishness #cheap #kike
by DJDiggler August 07, 2006
"Jewelry" to many of the participants on the daily small claims court shows currently on TV. Slanged by urbanites both educated and uneducated, including the judges themselves.
Mah sistah borrowed my jewry and didn't return it or sold it or sumtin like dat.

Are you saying she never returned your jewry or sold your jewry?
by Matt Revenaugh July 20, 2005
1.) What you buy an asian girlfriend.

2.) What Kanye West gets to keep after getting robbed.
1.) I git some mo' jewry and srom fied rice!

2.) The only nigga to get robbed and keep all his jewry.
#jewelry #pretty trinkets #fashionable goods #rice #fishsticks
by Gnomeynoob August 04, 2010
"Jewelry" to mentally ill individuals with speech impediments
The mugger pulled out a dirty comb, pointed it at me, and said, "Gimme ull yo jewry bitsh."
by TheKoz April 27, 2005
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