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When you expect worse than what actually happens. A pessimist's let down. Can cause happiness and joy, or the anger and frustration brought by a let down.
I seriously expected to do worse on my test. God, what a let up!
by aslan8 December 14, 2005
A moniker for the recently renamed Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly known as Sears Tower from 1973-2009.

Used by Chicagoans to avoid using the name Willis Tower.

Similar in structure to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, which the music artist Prince crafted for legal reason to produce music outside the control of his corporate music label, until such time as he could regain his rightful name.
Passenger: Could you please take me to Willis Tower?
Cabbie: What you talkin bout, Willis?
Passenger: Oh, I'm sorry, I mean The Tower Formerly Known as Sears.
Cabbie: Sure.
by aslan8 July 28, 2009
A mix between a jewfro and a jheri curl.
Example: "I wish I could get my jewry curl to glisten like Andy Samberg's, but it just ends up dry and crazy like Phil Spector's."
by aslan8 January 28, 2010
A euphemism for having sex.
Fairly neutral examples of screwphemisms include: 'doing it', 'making love', 'getting some'; and the more marked: 'laying pipe', 'bumping fuzzies'.
by aslan8 January 27, 2011
1. A close approximation of the sound of nigga played in reverse, which is often used to censor a song for radio play without rerecording the song or replacing nigga with another, more acceptable word, e.g. homie, cousin.

2. A euphemism for nigga, which can be used by those outside the black community to refer to their friends of any color, reducing the chance of being offensive with use of polarizing term nigga. Further offense can be avoided by emulating the reverse-playback quality as heard in definition 1, e.g. sniiiIIIcka.

Also pronounced snicka
1. "Got some friends rollin' witcha then that's cool/You can leave 'em with my snickers let 'em know that I got you..." Usher, In This Club

2. Wazzup, my snicka?
by aslan8 July 25, 2009

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