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Jewgle: the Jewish search engine. Like Google only for jewish people.
Dude 1: i was looking for some stuff about the jewish people, but couldnt find anything cool.

Dude 2: have you tried Jewgle?

Dude 1: Jewgle? WTF is that?

Dude 2: its the search engine that makes the jews sound way cool. and it doesnt even need to have anything to do with jews. you could search 'candy' and itll tell you all this shit about jewish candy makers.

Dude 1: Really? that sounds fucking awesome! im always using jewgle from now on!!

Dude 2: yeah, well... Shalom.

Dude 1: huh???
by ladytron March 23, 2009
A group of five or more Jewish people.
I was walking down the street on Saturday and there was a Jewgle coming toward me, it kinda freaked me out.
by Azi15 October 08, 2006
A search engine for Jewish people.
Abe-"Greetings Glukel, where is the nearest temple?"
Glukel- "Just Jewgle it!"
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by Monkey272 January 06, 2016
When you ask your Jewish friend what an expression means, a holiday or anything about their religion or that has to do with being Jewish.
You: Hey, can I jewgle you for a minute?
Your friend: Sure, what's up?
You: Now, what exactly is Yom Kippur again?
by Aggie Allie November 19, 2008
When a Jewish person uses Google
Dude, stop calling it Google! Can't you see that I am Jewish?! Therefore, it's Jewgle.
by Number#2 March 23, 2011
The jewgle of life separates the florests from the under water ceramics technicians. It incompasses all that is known.

"Hey I aint cunt drunkstable, I'm just tryin to play ma jewgle"
Jewgle is what happens when strange things perpetuate out of a random act by an unknown persons. As a day turns to a week, events unfold that none can contrast with what is called reality. And by the end of the year the worlds axis is at a full 90 degrees from its former and now we see just how silly we really are!
But never forget at the end of the day Jewgle is also just a word set in motion by getting drunk and trying to pronounce Bugle.
by Erik The Angry pinky Finger February 19, 2008
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