Top Definition
a sack filled with all things jewish.
"do you have a penny so i can put it in my jew sack?"
by StarOfDavid January 06, 2009
The name given to a jewish mans ball sack. A jewsack contains two juwbsticles.
Let me fondle your jewsack or ill tell your god you accepted christ.
by ambulance_x February 03, 2007
a sack of foreskin
Jose: Is that a jewsack?
Jacob: Yes, i like foreskin for dinner.
Jose: Wanna have sex?
Jacod: Only if i can use my vibrator.
Jose: Ouch!
by boobsack69 November 25, 2011
a large bag filled with jews that are partying, getting drunk, making out, and banging
(credits to jarvis)
ashley drank beer and got banged while she was in a jew sack.
by RhinoMeg June 26, 2008
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