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A bowl of marijuana that has been only partially packed. Typically, many jews are very stingy with their weed (along with other things), and would like to share as little as possible with others when it comes their turn to pack the bowl.
Yo I ain't smokin with Andrew no more; he keeps packin those jew bowls whenever it's his turn to throw down.
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the world's most comprehensive and intense fantasy football league, currently in its 10th season of existence.
"I'm going to win my third Jew Bowl championship this year. Child please."
by shady mccoy August 18, 2009
A small sized bowl of marijuana that that is less than 3 hits.
Also known as a Richie bowl.
"Don't load a Jew Bowl"
by WEEDISGOOD. March 25, 2010
A very small ammount of weed packed into a bowl, bong, ect. in order to conserve ones pot.
Hey man I don't have much pot left so I'm going to just pack a jew bowl.

Dude this sucks being short all the time. All I can pack are jew bowls.
by Pally November 05, 2007

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