Jews com from one of the sons of Noah whose name is Sem.
People who come from Abraham,Isaac,and Jacob.(who come from Sem) They have the richest heritage.
No matter how many anti-semites there are in the world, as we see through the centuries of being persecuted , they will always be. In the long run they are the strongest nation ever in this world and will always be. With all the jealousy and hatred in the world that people may have, Jews should'nt give a shit about it, and I can understand why.
People say Jews are rich and cheap, being cheap makes them rich. They know when and how to spend.
by enodmelivado August 31, 2006
most kick ass people on earth
Ben Stiller (Actor), Adam Sandler (Comedian Actor), Steven Spielburg (Famoues Director), Kevin Mitnick (Most Famous Hacker), Hillel Slovak (Lead Guitarist in Red Hot Chili Peppers), Rob Bourdon (Drummer in Linkin Park), Brad Delson (Lead Guitarist in Linkin Park), Slash (Lead Guitarist in Gun's N Roses), Gene Simmons (Lead Singer of Kiss), Davin Blaine (magician), Albert Einstein (Scientist), Mel Blanc (Voice of Bugs Bunny), Matt Stone (Co-creator of South Park)
by 4d4m September 14, 2008
1) Noun; An individual who is of the Jewish faith. Known to be great thinkers, athletes, singers, actors, producers (many all at the same time).

2) To swindle or cheat someone out of something, or to short someone in some capacity.
Larry David is the greatest Jew of all

Why did you have to jew me on the mayo?

by Nick Beam January 01, 2006
jews are members of one of the oldest religions in history. we didnt kill christ, we dont have horns, and yes, we are white. We never excluded any of you other religions so you have no right to insult us. We are nice, we love traditions, lox and bagels, going to summercamps, hebrew school, and some of us tend to shop a little too much (particularly those of us from long island), but we are full of personality and drive. Jews tend to have some connection to almost every jew they meet, no matter where it is. We have lots of holidays that no one else understands anything about. We do not decide out morals from our torah, most jews generally have their own opinions. When jews retire, and leave the northeast, most move to florida. Also, jews love us some yiddish jokes.
You'd never know they're all jewish if their last name wasn't Goldenshtein.
by Jew Rosenberg February 28, 2005
members of the jewish religion, jews are often insulted for things they have no control over - people use them as scapegoats. some think all jews are peaceful, smart, and downright annoying - these people are wrong.
"jews are annoying"
"shut up"
by tm0use342 January 05, 2006
The only lasting empire comprised of the twelve hebrew tribes.
The religion that Christianity and Islam came from.
They copied the whole thing from judaism
If your hating than you are a loser.
people who say jews are stingy are wrong because they just don't waste their money on a bunch of bullshit that the goyims buy. They are just pissed off because they aren't getting the jew's money because they are stupid.
Whoever says jews are greedy is like saying asians are good drivers.
learn to love your fellow jew because he is equal or worth more than you!
Yo Danny christmas is a bullshit holiday because the jews made up all that stuff about santa and the trees. I think jews actually have brains now! Lets go decorate a tree and then burn it after christmas for no reason.
by Borat north of jewtown December 04, 2006
A race of People who have been terrorized and massacred throughout history....a people who were the victim of mass genocide in WWII. a people who are very ready to defend themselves
bob: can you believe that 6 milliom jews were killed in WWII

Rick: Wtf is a jew?

Bob: a people who used to make up 1/3 of are city but have been completely wiped from our city (Warsaw, Poland)

Rick: wow...lets go listen the that NUMa NUma song
by General CheshYeshVek August 09, 2005

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