To fuck me in the ass
"Hay dudez wanna igt highhh and jew?"
"naaahhhh i dun wanna fuck you in ze ass"
by Master LEe April 14, 2008
1. A man or woman who practices the religion of Judaism.
2. A stingee person usualy with money
3. Word used to put down someone or another way of calling someone a fag.
1. "Bob ant no fucking Jew, hes a christian"
2. " Yoh Nate, i was at the mall and i saw two Jewish guys so i threw a quarter on the ground AND WATCHED THEM FIGHT TO THE DEATH"
3. "*whisper* nates a fucking jew he packed Lance's fudge lastnite"
by Chris E... October 30, 2007
The worst thing to happen to East Brunswick New Jersey
I hate East Brunswick New Jersey, The whole town is filled with Jews
by MrFixx June 15, 2010
by SHENEKQiA July 10, 2008
A cult committed to the killing of Jesus. They survive off of consistent injections of cash into their bloodstream. Lack of injections can cause symptoms such as irritable behavior accompanied by short tempers. The long nose which usually characterizes the member helps with the member's balance. Often hated because they don't like to share and they like to think about killing Jesus.
My best friend is a Jew who has cult meetings weekly focused on ripping people off.
by The Crocodile Hunter May 07, 2008
A term used to describe a person or object that means they

1- have weird or unusual charecteristic.
2- have problems being outcasted
3- Also, when you dont like something, you can call it a Jew, or Jewish.
A- Mary is going out with that ugly kid named Jackson. She's such a jew.

B- John was such a Jew the other day when he wore his purple skinny jeans and a neon pink Tee.

C- John's purple skinny Jeans are so Jewish!
John's Skinny Jeans are a Jew!
by Andrew Jacksonson November 28, 2007
1) Person of Jewish Faith
2) A Pinny-Pincher (a tight wad)
3) What Hitler put in ash trays till we beat his ass
1) Kyle from South Park is Jewish!
2) Your as money hungry as a Jew!
3) The Holocaust sucks, eh Larry. Yea it does.
by TheGuyStandingBehindYou March 21, 2007

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