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Money, especialy pennies and dimes
CJ: You Picked up that Penny?
AJ: Yeah.
CJ: Enjoy your Jew Candy!
by Chuck Lyer October 16, 2007
46 32
money for te jews.
- greg scully
do you want some of my jew candy?
yes i do want some of that jew candy!!!
by gergandrach June 05, 2009
10 8
another word for penis, organ of sexual stimulation
Mollie loves the jewcandy, becuase she is a whore.
by Fredrick van Rictenhauf February 05, 2007
6 9
The type of candy you don't want to get when trick or treating. The type of candy they only sell in bag form for Halloween.
Hey Butters! Don't go to the Smithstiens they are giving realy bad jew candy this year.
by Jazy84 October 28, 2007
25 29