A person who loves Diggy Simmons and supports everything he does. One who is innovative, creative, and unique.
JetSetter 1: OMG Diggy's video is #1 on the BET Countdown!
JetSetter 2: Im a proud JetSetter
by JetSettinLis September 04, 2011
Top Definition
A person who travels to numerous places around the world to places that other people always want to go but never do.
You know you wanna be a jet setter, and travel the world.
by dbtheman January 24, 2006
1.) A member of the "jet set," a group of people who possess the leisure time, money and/or frequent flier miles to take plane trips whenever they want, to where ever they want.

2.) A person whose job requires frequent plane trips, i.e. business executives, politicians, celebrities, heads of state.
Hank flew all the way to Miami just to get a tattoo from the star of some tattoo-shop reality show; he's such a jetsetter!

Since she became a diplomat, Carissa's become quite the jetsetter, traveling all the time.
by mostlyharmless42 June 03, 2009
Those who support Daniel "Diggy" Dwayne Simmons III . :) They're above all others, and are the most loyal fans ever in history.. #JetsettersUP . and DIGGY is our Jetsetter General .
"You know, JetSetters RUN IT. We Support Diggy 100%" ;)

"JetSetters WE Up.."
by JetsetterMi November 13, 2011
One who has been murdered and the dismembered. The remaining body parts then distributed across the globe. Also see global traveler.
"Have you seen Joe?"

"Na, I heard Joe pissed off The Gooch and became a Jet Setter."
by goochlive April 14, 2010
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