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According to Johnny Knoxville, the area between a mans balls and his asshole. Equivilent to the "chin rest" on a woman
She licked my gooch on the way to tossing my salad
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
1. Name of a bully who used to bother Arnold from the sit-com, "Different Strokes".

2. Nickname for James Giugliano, a person who used to bully people in the same fashion.
"Watch out for the gooch son!"
by kilo June 04, 2003
17 Millet St

Home of the original Goochers. (not some shitty imitation)
"Awesome party at the Gooch last night, Boongers hooked up with some dude and Jadly smashed a bitch"
by Ldizzles January 23, 2013
Nickname for legendary Kerry Gaelic football corner forward Colm Cooper
1) Opposition Corner Back "Aw for fuck sake why'd yous put me on the gooch?"

2) Commentator "And thats another fantastic performance from Colm "The Gooch" Cooper
by GingerJack March 17, 2013
Nickname of Bob Guccione, the founder of Spin and son of the owner of Penthouse
"In the spring of 1998 the Gooch, as he was known, had just pocketed $18 million from the sale of Spin and was in the process of setting up a men's magazine called Gear."
-How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by Toby Young
by Oz December 14, 2003
Vince Ferrito
An angry man who wears weight lifting gloves.
A person who steals.
A bully.
A tough guy.
The Gooch is going to help himself to some of your things.
by Patrick Thornton December 12, 2004
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