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It can't melt steel beams
Jet fuel can't melt steel beams

9/11 was an inside job
by Psychotic Science April 11, 2015
Beyond Gasoline. If someone's Jet Fuel towards you, they're being more than hostile- they're being a complete C-less Castle.

Also "permagasoline". (but not always. Usually just "feels" permanent.)
Hypothetically, lets say I was having a bad day and was "gasoline" towards
you. If, at that time, you were to spray me in the face with diesel fuel from a squirt bottle, it would result in an instant eruption of violence, as well as putting me into a Jet Fuel mood towards you. And I can tell you
that most people who are not paralytically timid would react in a similar manner. Under no circumstances to any person would such an action improve your standing with them.

ADD-ON: I'd suggest buying Diesel brand clothes instead. That may lower peoples' gasolinism, depending on the person and fashion choice.
by Java September 07, 2004
the use of massive amounts of cocaine or other illegal narcotics
Man jun did you see your man art over there in the club? Yes i did you know him,always on that jetfuel.
by ajmblock January 28, 2009
verb; to sneeze or cough while pooping increasing the pressure and helping to finish quicker
I never would have made it to class on time if I hadn't jet fueled through that deuce.
by AwesomeJE September 04, 2010
The farts you get on an airplane due to the changes in atmospheric pressure.
I had some serious jet fuel on my flight last night as we made our descent into JFK. Luckily, a guy spent a while in the bathroom so everyone thought it was him.
by bromcom11 October 19, 2014
Verb. When you go to a university house party, and you don't bring booze but you still get plastered. Because you end up taking sips of everyone else's drinks. So you get drunk a lot faster because of the different types of alcohols mixed in your gut.
Tim: Dude I got so drunk at that party last night. It was ridiculous I just jet fueled through that shit.
by G.Kul March 07, 2010
According to my high school principle, joints can be laced with this substance and, when smoked, is fatal to high school swimmers.
That chick smoked a joint laced with jet fuel and she died! Oh noes!
by Is EVERY name taken?! October 19, 2005
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