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A combination of jesus and fuck to create the the ultimate sware word to offend all audiences.
1.) Jesus Fuck what the hell is that?
2.) Well jesus fuck if she fucks blubie she'll fuck anyone.
by Mike blubie May 09, 2006
252 40
A combination of two of the most offensive swear words of our day, "Jesus fuck" is unique in its ability to offend damn near anyone.

Notable for its use in the beginning of the Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split CD Deadline.
STZA: Well Dave, according to my most recent calculations
and factoring in all the ignorant sycophant cop-callers,
there are in excess of a billion police in this world.

DICTOR: Jesus fuck! That's a lot of pigs.
by Fatlard Lars December 17, 2007
88 27
a word that is the ultimate offensive word and example of frustration, by combining "jesus" & "fuck" you can pretty much piss of anyone
"aww jesus fuck, i dropped my gogirt."

"let me get this straight, she likes tacos and sex, jesus fuck shes cool."

"you punched out a pterodactyl, jesus fuck thats badass"

"jesus fuck i lost mcGee"
by zack love April 09, 2008
55 28
A curse word and highly irresponsible interjection.

(apologies to all you religious types, but it IS used every now and then...)
Mr A: Hey, man, catch!
by Garnet Red September 28, 2004
51 25
Like jesus freaks.
"Already being late for work this morning, I encountered one of those jesus fucks and it stalled me an additional 5 minutes!"
by 8088Y80M8 December 30, 2011
8 1
1. An ecstasy-inducing religious experience.

2. A conversation between dating individuals who refuse to have sex, and so choose, instead, to talk about their love for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

1. An exclamation that is markedly more serious than the traditional words "fuck" or "Jesus." It is pronounced as if there is a comma between the two words: "Jesus, FUCK"
Person 1: What did you and that guy do last night? Did you hook up?

Person 2: You know, he is really religious and stuff. That got in the way, so we decided to Jesus Fuck instead.
by BetaBlocker July 05, 2010
20 16
verb: The act of forcing something to work through blunt strength or force.

also can be described as ghetto rigging something through force.
When a stubbern object is lodged in an awkward position and you want to get it out, you have the option to jesus fuck it, and make it work.
by mikedusher October 13, 2009
16 16