Is A beautiful talented woman!
Singing... Acting ( mainly acting stupid on newlyweds)
by Lucee August 02, 2004
Probably the hottest fucking chick in the world. She is hot all day even without makeup. Nick is probably the luckiest guy out there. He gets to hit that ass anytime he wants. Hell Yeah.
Kid 1 "Jessica Simpson is so hot!"
Kid 2 "Yeah I know I would fuck that shit all nite long."
by PENIS WRINKLE May 09, 2005
Jessica Simpson is a pop star singer
a hot girl
but one really stupid dumb blond!
proof that she is dumber than u!
Jessica SSimpson is the #1 dumb blond ever! literally!
by pia March 05, 2004
Jessica Simpson...ROCKS i luv her...and has the best voice out of all the so called pop stars(cough cough hilary duff) out there...her and Christina A.!!!! rock on chickie!!! we luv ya!!!
Tamara(me) he momma and daddy guess whats comin on tonight!?!?!? NEWLYWEDS!!!
Mom: oh no..ur not wacthin that downstairs u have to go to your room 4 that...that dizy girl
Dad: o0o0 (in a very mean way) o jessica..jessica
Me: its funneh i luv that show!!!
by Tamara January 26, 2005
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