To kink or invade in others' conversations.
Paige always jessas while I'm talking to Tessa.
by Mark Kelsey November 02, 2006
Top Definition
a girl worth getting to know.
simply amazing
Im so happy ive met Jessa.
by dbfoqeub April 26, 2009
The girl of your dreams. Shes awesome , funny, cool and will always make you smile and laugh. Will only meet once in a lifetime. SO MAKE IT LAST !
OH MAN jessa is so awesome, i love her !
by jawfy659<3 January 03, 2010
An awesome, crazy, insane chick who all the guys obsess over, but most don't see her as girlfriend material cuz they cant hadle her hotness. Jessa is mysterious and always stands up for her friends. You will never, ever, EVER meet another person like her because there's not very many people named jessa (: She can be a bitch, a innocent girl, a crazsy girl, a quiet girl, and THE BIGGEST SMARTASS OUT THERE. (: oh and dont forget LOUD and that she has a bubble butt :P
God DAMN, that's Girls a Jessa. Just look at her swagger!
by SeXyWeReWoLf July 20, 2010
a super sweet girl that is from the himilayas and strolls the forest naked attracting boys with her unique looks and sweet aroma
I've always wanted to see a Jessa.
by kuifd78yoxv April 26, 2009
The best friend you could ever ask for. Smart, funny, highly intelligent, and amazingly beautiful. A chance encounter with this person will change your life forever. Never let this friend get away, because you'll never meet someone like this again in you life.

Funny Beautiful Smart Trusting Caring Friend Admiration
When I first met Jessa, not only did her smile take my breath away, but she also melted my heart. I'll admire her more then she'll ever know.
by Jasonk35 February 13, 2010
A verb. When a person texts you back so slow that you forget what your conversation was about.
Dude, it took you 40 minutes to text me back...way to pull a jessa!
by ireneonherpiani December 31, 2010
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