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when you travel from the far left lane all the way to the exit ramp in one quick motion

Often done on the NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway
That guy scared the shit out of me when he did a jersey slide in front of me.
by Dave K July 23, 2004
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it is also important that no signal or indication of this move be given prier to it's being done
apparently you don't want to give away your next move
by crom 4 rocks! September 18, 2004
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A traffic incident usually only seen with Jersey Drivers in New Jersey. The action includes merging multiple lanes on the highway at once.
Damn! That out-of-state driver just ruined a perfect shot at a Jersey Slide
by Hackermeyer January 05, 2009
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Changing two or more lanes with the same blinker
Whoa, Did you just see that guy do the Jersey Slide?
by NJAllDay March 05, 2015
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