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A Word Describing a Unique Badass Chick Who is Brave, Awesome and Epic. A Chick Superhero that Doesn't Give a Fuck when it comes to Standing Up for what is right.

She is a good friend, Honest, Attractive, & Very Fucking Hilarious. She is very powerful due to her Ninja Skills given by Bruce Lee and Unicorn power like Abilities given by tumblr.
Guy1: DUuuuDE! did u see that!?!?

Guy2: See what!???

Guy1: JERIN! yo the chick i was talking to you about, she just stood up for this girl being bullied by 3 guys in front of the whole school cant believe u missed it.. *sigh* Jerin,Jerin shes so hot.

Guy2: Whaaaat!? woah Yep, She did it once again Thats Jerin.
by arealcoolperson September 27, 2011
a very hot guy and have a 15" dick and a indian
omg look at jerins dick its huge
by jerin December 26, 2007