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A talk show host from 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' on ITV.

Basically he is a little weasel of a man who sees every situation on his show as either black or white (life is not that simple), he loves to shout and scream at his guests and has a awful habbit of labelling someone after knowing them for only two minutes, he will take his first impression of a guest then go on a hot-headed rant and ridicule him/her, followed by pathetic howling and cheering from the sheep in the audience. He seems to feel big and mighty having a audience and security guards behind him.

The whole show is horrible to watch as it just about laughing at people who's lives are in the gutter. I don't defend the usual type of guest on his show, but i think the looking down and embarresment of people in front of the whole nation is a sick thing to be considered entertainment.
JEREMY KYLE: Hi welcome back, our next guest brian has just made his way onto the stage. Hello Brian welcome to the show, so you have a child, and you like to go out drinking.
BRIAN: Yeah just on the weekend sometimes.

(audince starts howling)
by mickyash2008 March 22, 2008
Chat show host on British morning tv, a bit like Trisha but MUCH better, he tells it straight to the trash that come on his show to sort out their problems! He is legend! Watch his show, it's hilarious =)
Quick, Jeremy Kyle is on, this woman has 23 kids by different blokes!
by Bringer Of Cheese July 26, 2006
Officially the best man on British TV. Chat show host like Trisha, Ricky Lake, etc. Much better! Jeremy Kyle deals with life situations and always tells it how it is. The most perfect man ever.
Girl1: "Did you watch Jeremy Kyle last night?"
Girl2: "Yeahh I cant believe that guy cheatin on her husband with her sister."
Girl1: "Yeah me too! But Jeremy Kyle sorted it out!"
Girl2: "Wow, yeah. I wish every guy was that honest."
by Kimmiii February 07, 2008
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