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tiny pieces of heaven in a bean shape with a delicious sugar coating
i ate some jellybeans today. they were heavenly.
by Bethieeeeee January 15, 2008
16 8
Ronald Reagan's favorite snack. Also the method used by his administration to make his mouth move in the later years of his administration when his brain was "off."
Give him some Jelly Beans and then I'll do the voice over while he's chewing.
by C3PeeOh!!!! October 21, 2010
16 12
Code for Jail Bait.
Did you just see that jelly bean with the big tits? That's potential.. Potential life sentence.
by guambomb October 21, 2009
29 28
Tickle your jelly bean.
by AndrewTheJud May 20, 2014
1 1
While receiving oral sex, the woman puts the males balls in her mouth and begins to hum while stroking the penis. Much like a hummer except involving the testicles only
Man, Andrea gave me a wicked jellybean last night. That bitch did The Star Spangled Banner and hit all the high notes !
by Captngeetch June 29, 2013
1 1
a fight, battle or combat. Any contest or struggle. An angry argument or disagreement.Boxing. a bout or contest. a game or diversion in which the participants hit or pelt each other with something harmless:
What you looking at

You tying to start a jellybean
by travkiller October 13, 2013
2 3
Small, sugary jelly-like candy. They are shaped like small beans and come in many flavors and colors. They are somewhat harder than gummy bears. They are also very popular with the children around Easter.
Jellybeans are a lot like people. Nobody likes the black ones.
by Markwonder November 12, 2010
5 6