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When a girl or guy (for all you fags out there) gets cum in the face & then is punched in the nose or lip to mix cum & blood to make pink pearl jam. Sorry Eddie.
Me & my girl are into sadomasochism so i gave her a gruesome jelly donut last night & in the morning she kicked me in the balls. "Hey bitch, you're getting a Dirty Tony Sanchez tonight!"
by sikwill October 20, 2005
When a guy jizzes on a woman's face and punches her in the nose. Then she smears the blood and cum with her hand...yummy
Last night I gave Sue a jelly donut.
by Fred May 13, 2004
The act of not cleaning a sex partner off after the sex act.
Dude, after I front flipped these Gainers I totally left them with Jellydonuts!!
by arieslion August 28, 2010
when a guy creampies a girl's ass then stuffs a donut between her cheeks and eats the gooey center.
Girl: Now that we're done, you want to grab some dinner?

Guy: No thanks. I'm stuffed from that jelly donut.
by shannymac August 10, 2012
when you get head from a girl, you come in her mouth and then you punch her in the mouth, so her lips swell and come and blood dribble out,resembling a jellydonut.
You hungry? I'll give you a jellydonut.
by erica February 12, 2004
A state achieved upon the onslaught of jealousy. An initial reaction to a situation that positions you as inferior to another.
"Oh no, he's got wider rims than me, I'm sooo Jelly Donuts right now."
by TheRoyalDirt February 09, 2009
Whenever a guy cums in a girls mouth then punches her in the nose resulting in a mixture of blood and semen, which apparently resembles the filling of a jelly donut.
Person 1: You get that dirty slut back yet?

Person 2: Hell yeah, served that bitch a jelly donut.
by Ryan Seal April 10, 2007