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When you get really drunk, pass out and someone puts jelly one your face. Then everyone at the party starts chanting JELLY BOY, JELLY BOY, JELLYBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milara got so drunk he turned into Jelly Boy, then every one at the party started chanting it.
by swick November 24, 2007
Nickname given to young minority boys at old time presitgious golf clubs, who, before a round of golf, would be smothered in jelly and mollasses. They would then procede to walk alongside the foursome during play in hopes to attract bugs and other bothersome creatures away from the golfers. An urban legend claims they were the inventors of bug spray.
-"Hey, Ralph, you wanna play 18?"
-"Sure Bob, I'll get us a Jelly Boy"
by John Smithwrite April 17, 2007
A person (aka me) who hands out free jelly e.g. cola bottles, fried eggs, percy pigs etc whilst heavily under the influence of drugs
Who is the Jelly Boy?
by Jelly_Boy March 29, 2004