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1. Hindu word or "life"; usually feminine name

2. A very hardworking and independent person

3. Generally beautiful

4. Always looking out to help others and wants to make things correct
person 1: Do you know that new girl, Jeevana?
person 2: Yeah, she's extremely nice and I definitely want to get to know her because she seems really cool
by itsbeenrealdoe January 14, 2013
-it is reffered to as hindi as jeevan which is life

- usually a telegu fob and are called komatolu which are short people

- a bad voice
- usually jealous of people

- manly looking people in india who think they are all that

- wear the same jeans everyday
She is so jeevana with the same jeans everyday
by qwerrtyuip123!123! June 22, 2010
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