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It means really hot, cool, hella-good, something get the jist of it. Is also used to define your best, flyest buddies.
1. That car is so jebber!
2. "I just won the lottery!"
3. Hey Jebber! Whats happenin'!
by Pester n' Peanut August 10, 2004
somebody who has a B.O problem or is unusally hairy! for example chavs tend to call goths/emos jebbers because they tend to have B.O problems after so much moshing out and then anyone who is unaturally hairy can be called a jebbers.
Binny is a jebbers, he obviously has had a glasgow shower as i can smell the B.O coming thorugh, and he needs a shave... badly!!
by Natty Kay June 22, 2006

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