1) Justa Big Loser
2) wrestler that calls himself a "wrestling Gawd!" (I mute the TV every time he says that). millionare. wierd upper lip (I tend to notice stupid details like that). heel (really good one cuz I hate him soooo much)
JBL and Chris Jericho should have kept their rivalry going. It was really interesting!
by Karina M March 20, 2008
a ugly gay professional wrestler in the WWE, who's a loud mouth pissant
JBL's Tag team parter Ron "Farroqq" Simmons to JBL:JBL your a Dick............."DAMN!!!".
by Joe Smith 2 December 17, 2007
In other words, "Justa Born Loser". Believes that ALL heels are doing what's good. Nothing but a bully and a moron.
If I ever came across JBL, the world would NEVER see him again, because I'd kill the motherfucker.
by JBL SUX!!! December 01, 2006
the reason wwe sucks right now
Boy 1: Do you like JBL
Boy 2: No he is the worst there was the worst there is and the worst there's ever gonna be
by yeriknow January 30, 2005

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