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A jazz musician, DJ, connoisseur or aficionado, esp. an older male.

Term may have originated with Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins (1919-97), legendary Bay Area DJ.
"These are the things this jazzbo knows ..." -- Robert Christgau, on Dave Frishberg
by Chris Bille December 24, 2003
88 30
Word used to describe black people. Used by Jim Belushi in the movie 'Red Heat'
'...just a bunch of jazzbo's hanging out on the corner.'
by Arnie S. June 07, 2007
12 43
Degritory nickname for an African American individual. The word originates in the south states of the US and by Jazz originally being conceived by African-Americans.
"No Jazzbo's half the athlete a white man is."
by Ido Gonen September 28, 2005
20 60
a pretentious ass-licker.
has high opinions of himself and fellow 'chums'.
wishes he had talent, but never will.
can't stop 'whining'!!
"looks like we've got another 'jazzbo' on our hands, alert the media"!!
by fletch March 23, 2004
22 71