A "Jaylen" is an amazing sort of man. Words cannot describe how much he means to those that love him. He is very funny, has an incredible sense of humor, & always knows what to say. He has perfect timeing. Jaylen is a very handsome sort of man, exteremly sexy with black-brown curls & deep brown eyes. He usually wears glasses. Jaylen's laugh is addicting & so unique. His 6'6" frame makes girls, esspecially ones named "Haley" go crazy. He is the best friend a certain "Haley" could ever ask for. She loves him with all her heart. Jaylen enjoys Kevin Hart comedy & the movie The Hangover. He is a beast at football & the king of basketball. Always there to listen. Always there for a certain "Haley". He means more to her then words can describe. All of the best adjectives in every language go out to describe this man. Above all else, a certain "Haley" is truely in love with him.
Person #1: That guy is so amazing!

Person #2: His name MUST be Jaylen!
by CertainHaley5 December 19, 2010
Top Definition
an absolutely amazing guy. tall, funny, innapropriate, and lovable. he may hang out with some really douchey people, but he is the sweetest, kindest boy when you are talking to him alone. his jokes can be appreciated by anyone with a good sense of humor, and the fact that he is always getting into trouble despite his brains just adds to his hotness.

and even though ive said it hundreds of times, i do mean it. I LOVE HIM.
Girl 1: "Oh look, there's Jaylen laughing with a bunch of his friends!"

Girl 2: "Probably making some sex joke. But he told me i was beautiful when we went out last weekend."
by i feel like you should know. June 04, 2011
The most amazing, beautiful, awesome, spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtakeing, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever.
person 1: hey girl yooh look so jaylen
person 2: thanks so do yooh
by sweetlilfoxychick July 08, 2009
a name describing a very beautiful, intelligent, and environmentally-concerned girl; typically indicative of a girl with eco-friendly, opinionated, and thought-out ideals; can also be used to describe someone as having the ability to bring out the desire of others to protect them, which may or may not be needed, though the urge is usually quite powerful
person 1: hey girl yooh look so jaylen today
person 2: really??? that good
by sweetlilfoxychick July 08, 2009
Jaylen is a very attractive girl. She is funny, nice, and caring. She will be mean when she has too. She doesn't let anyone talk about her family or friends. Most likely will have brown eyes and dark brown hair.
Omg! She is so jaylen!!
by Aryana jorden paige October 30, 2015
One who in the event of masturbating, their mom walks in the room and you have to put it away so fast that the cum drips into your butt crack. Example:
Dude 1: Dude my butt feels weird.

Dude 2: Than go in the bathroom and check it out.

Dude 1: ok (five minutes later)

Dude 1: Dude this is soo weird i pulled a Jaylen last night when my mom came home early from work.

Dude 2: How can you tell?

Dude 1: theres dried up white stuff in my crack!

Dude 2: Gross...
by nanana32455462465 February 09, 2009
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