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the greatest hottest most awesome chick ever!! her cs skills are off the heazy!! there is no one that compares to jayci!
i want to bang jayci.
by hotter November 12, 2004
Jayci is super athletic!! She will take on any challenge and probably win.. She is very funny and incredibly talented! She is very pretty with a sparkle in her eyes ! Loyal and happy but can be evil if she doesn't get her way!! If you are lucky enough to meet a super star Jayci ...don't let her go!!!
I met a girl named Jayci and she is a rockstar!!!
by Markeymark11111 February 08, 2014
make sweet love, rather than bang. gender equality, people!
huh huh huh *<(: - ) >
by darc April 21, 2005
Another name for a old bitchy ratchet whale
Wow she is such a Jayci.
by PaineXNoctis December 05, 2014

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