A sidekick. Not the normally trusted sidekick, but a highly untrustworthy and sporadic sidekick. Also, a very short sidekick. Not to be confused with a midget or a dwarf.
Hey, where the hell is jaunbrand?

Quick, someone call jaunbrand. fano's on the phone, and it just started to snow.

Fuck, I can't go out tonight, jaunbrand has other plans. Yeah, the little fuck.

Dunno where jaunbrand is. He is not answering his cellphone, damn foo.
by alan April 07, 2004
Top Definition
someone who takes your porn, watches it, rips you off for being into a 'sub-genre of a sub-genre', then gives the porn to fano, and it's never to be seen again.
where's the porn?
dunno, i think jaunbrand has it.
you sure? i thought fano had it.
no, jaunbrand has it.
by alan May 04, 2004
someone who angers the gods on a frequent basis. not to be confused with loki (see louwtjie).
god: 'jaunbrand is really pissing Me off today. i think I'll smite him, or he should get on his knees and repent.'
by alan June 02, 2004
a very very short person (or other short object)
Ronald Reagan was such a jaunbrand.
His new girlfiend laughed when she saw the size of his penis - it was a jaunbrand.
by alan April 06, 2004
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