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If you want to know more about Jatts then check at jattworld.com
by Gurjant Singh February 21, 2005
Pathetic guys who want to act like thugs!
Punjabi boys who can’t respect themselves, can’t respect their elders, can’t read a word of Punjabi (their own language), can’t name all their 10 gurus, can’t tell the difference between civil and animals consider themselves “thugs” : lets go kick some ass> most likely is what you here from their mouths.

A Punjabi guy who is all about his family and roots and religion, won’t call himself a Jatt. BECAUSE: in our religion there is NO caste system. Why do we have “Kaur” and “Singh” written in our name: is to eliminate the caste system!
jatts: panchod Fudi...etc
Punjabi: My sister is my pride...not to use it to curse at someone.
by Indian Punjabi girl April 13, 2007
A man who wipelashes people everyday and needs to get poodi but he can't.
Hes a total bullier and needs to come London with Us to get poodi.

Peace Out badboys the lightening MC!!!!
by Mohan December 14, 2004

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