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An implement that doubles as a snatch pleasurer and joint cigarette (see also jazz) compactor. Usually a chopstick or pencil
Meg was so horny after she rolled that doobie, she got it on with the jatch
by Jatchy McJatchJatch March 03, 2008
a replacement word in most situations. excluding the situation were it is used a Sentence enhancer as a friend of mine would say
can also be used as a WHAT EVER or as a 'yer right',e.g. i just dominated a whole crate in 30 min ..... wait for it..... "JATCH!!"
by pete-da-pirate March 17, 2008
Adj. A conjunction for "Jerk Assed Bitch" Carries the meaning of saying all three words in a more compact and dirty package. A cheater, or a liar. Can also be used to describe an action a Jatch would preform.
Tony: "Marie totally stood me up last night. Nicole said she was at the Bar with Franco all night"

Me: "sorry man, what a total Jatch"
by thenakedspike March 20, 2012
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