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To half-ass something; to make it appear an object or item has been fixed but will fall apart or break soon after touching or using it.
Person A: That used truck you bought is awesome!

Person B: Yeah, but the guy I got it from totally jaspered everything on it. There's double-sided tape on the gas door, bondo all over, and the radio falls apart when you try to use it.

Person A: Sorry, man. Sounds like you definitely got jaspered on that one.
by SteenaLouise May 26, 2015
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jaspered |jaspered| verb

A state of inebriation that is reached after one too many swigs of Georgian Cha-Cha, Gold Vodka, or the like. This level of intoxication usually leads one to a) whisper incoherent song lyrics into their friends (or innocent bystanders') ears b) dance with disjointed hand movements around the face and neck area while flalling arms and shaking head c) caress sensuously all in site.
"man, I was so jaspered last night, I left my glasses in the freezer to keep them safe!"


"Jasper got so jaspered on his birthday that he professed his love for his roomates before taking a shower with his shirt on."
by ScrappyTheCoco January 30, 2011
1) to take something young and make it look and feel old
2) to make a person feel old
3) to add age to something
Jack was totally jaspered after he hurt his back skiing.
by Jasonater March 15, 2010
to jizz ones pants while dancing
Jasper jaspered his pants while dancing with Lexi, his homecoming date.
by Jasper Shan May 27, 2007

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