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the act of owning the best items one can for their corresponding level in the game World of Warcraft.
hey Lokta. give me your gutrender. your no where near close to jarmen and if you give it to me ill become jarmen.
by 2wen September 23, 2006
An alternate term for Waffle House's Texas Bacon, Egg & Cheese Melt Plate; the Texas sized meal for patrons with a Texas sized appetite. Named after the Texas born rodeo star Drew Jarman.
I'll have a Jarman.
by A Thor February 22, 2009
Totally radical!
An insanely intelligent adrenalin junky.
He totally pulled a jarman on that half pipe.

That test was nothing for her, she jarman'd it.
by Livin it! April 14, 2007
This earned surname, indicates a person of exceptional talents, someone who has excelled in not just one respected area, but in fact all of them.

Forget the transitional 'King' or 'Queen', the mediocre 'Professor' or 'Prime', the name 'Jarman' is a heavenly garb we can all strive for - but something very few of us will ever get to wear.
If I can just get my black belt, my Masters, win the WWE title, write a stadium rock classic, make love to a thousand women and then invent time travel.. maybe, just maybe I can replace my surname with 'Jarman'.
by JurassicJoel June 25, 2010
V. The act of going "cray cray" with no concern for how others may feel.
If she doesn't agree with what I say, I'm gonna go all jarman on her.
by chicken_man83 May 03, 2013
UK slang, very popular during World War Two, for a German.
"When the Jarmans come, we'll be ready."
by Alex C W January 15, 2008
The first thing that comes to mind when the hole in hells opens up. All the things one can think of when demons are clawing there way across your skin. The most useless form of knowledege one can contain.
OOOOH now you let out your inner jarman!
by Travis Tatum September 11, 2006
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