A group of girls who share the same style. They're absolutely amazing.
Janki Ami Radha Keyuri Sandhya
"Dude those girls are bangin'"
"Yeah, those are JARKS."
by An Indian Lover July 31, 2008
Top Definition
Jark is the president of deviantART Inc. He also helps run the website, Jark is a yellow alien.

Jark carries a big yellow probe in order to knock evil people with and is married to Mrs. Yellow Alien.
jark has a really huge probe.
by neom March 16, 2004
A Mascot from a art website called deviantart.com. jark Is a yellow alien that can most often be seen probing unsuspecting antro-artists, and forum trolls with his green probe.
"man,jark sure had fun with those llamas last night"
by Machine-Gunner December 21, 2003
a creature that is half jar and half shark. Used to describe an amazingly cool person.
Do you know Sienna? She's really JARK.
by Juan Pablo135 July 29, 2006
1. A kind of mythical creature, which is said to be made of, half jar and half shark. (Not this definition is always written with a capital j, and to make it pleural just add a s.) 2. The state of being cool-crazy in an offbeat sort of way.(Not this state of being is embodied in the mythical creature which just happens to bears the name of this state of being, also not this definition, can be used as, either a noun, verb, adjective, adverb or pseudo-pronoun, by adding the appropriate ending(examples, ish to form jarkish or, y to form jarky), or by combining it with another word(example, out to form jarkout), and to make it pleural just add a s.) 3. A word used to represent the highest extreme goodness, especially within the rating scale of jark, squidy, beast.
1. That man he resembles a Jark. 2. That guy Curtis is jark. 3. Yeah! I just scored jark on my test!
by Devin M May 25, 2007
1. A very large jar, esp. one which can comfortably hold a lark.

Usage: The word must always be capitalized. Prefixes and suffixes must not be capitalized.
"Y'know, a JARK. It's like a Baker's Dozen is to a dozen, or a shitton is to a ton."

"Do you really need so many JARKs of peanut butter?"
by Mr. McCants May 19, 2007
a jackass jerk. what you say when you want to call someone a jackass and a jerk at the same time,
created by maddey miller =D
"dude, stop being such a jark!"

"ya JARK!!"
by maddey October 05, 2007
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