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a big black lady who is very big and black and prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroud
man, u see jaqueefa at kfc otha day? she be conceited as hell, that big bitch know what she want and she prrrrrrrrrroud of who she be
by queefzzzz January 25, 2011
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Jaqueefa; usually has a large penis. Most "Jaqueefas" are very sexually active and get blowjobs daily. All the bitches want to ride his cock, never wanting to stop. They're lucky because with Jaqueefa; you'll never have to stop. His 32 inch metal cock loves giving anal, especially on Tuesdays. The chicks that can't get with him AND guys always wish they were him.
Girl 1: Oh, is that Jaqueefa?! The guy with the 32 inch metal cock?!
Girl 2: Yes, it is! Let's see if we can both ride him tonight!
*Girls walk up to Jaqueefa*
Jaqueefa: No bitch. You both are skinny whores to deserve to die.
by Jerry McFatGuy December 14, 2016
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