When a teacher masturbates onto his/her pupils work.
thats discusting my works been japed on
by ... .. ... ............. December 03, 2008
Top Definition
When a person or situation is out of hand, volatile, or reaches it's maximum potential, it is said to be japes.
"shit was japes last night, man"
by heinhelm February 08, 2011
1.A word to describe a pratical joke OR
2.to descirbe something that was good fun
1.'I think we should pull a jape'
2.'It was a JAPE'
by japery October 29, 2005
A Black Person who is weird OR resembles Donkey Kong
That Nigga Jamal Is A Huge Jape.
by Shino The Jape Wrangler March 06, 2008
When you walk up to a member of the opposite sex and force your body upon them.
Jake: Hey Cher im drunk and I want to get with you.
Cher: no Jake, you're a japist
Jake: *forces tongue down victims throat*
Cher: Jake dont Jape me!
by Domster33 November 13, 2014
A form of humour used at someone elses expense, like joke

usually followed by
- "my friend"
- "lets propose a toast"
"ya japein meh? my friend" said joe
by joe japekinston July 15, 2004
Jape is an adjective that means more awesome than FUCKING AWESOME. A jape party was awesome, crazy, fun, dope, amazing, exciting, incredible, invigorating, all-in-all fucking awesome.

Don't overuse jape though, it is a word to be used only when something so incredible happened that "fucking awesome" isn't enough.

If you got wasted and jumped off the roof into the pool at a frat party, that's exciting.

If you went to a Waka Flocka Flame concert, smoked a blunt with the security guy, and got him to let you on stage, that's fucking awesome.

If you went to Tomorrowland in the Netherlands (it's the world's biggest rave), did E, had a threesome with blond twins in a tent, then went to the afterparty with Tiesto and partied like it was Project X, then you can tell your friends you had a "jape" night.

Enough said.
Bruh, that huge rave in Vegas was jape. I hooked up with a chick who looked like Megan Fox while on E.

Dude, I just met Kanye West! He invited me to a house party at his mansion. Kevin Hart and Kim Kardashian are gonna be there.
That's fuckin' jape man!

Yo, you know that Asian guy in my art class? His dad is a billionaire. I went to his penthouse in San Francisco and he drove me across the Bay Bridge in his Bugatti! Damn that was a jape car.
by Lil Frosty June 01, 2014
to make a move on a someone who is very sleepy or was asleep, before you woke him/her up to make a sexual advance. Jape is generally successful because when sleepy, the japee is less inhibited and more likely to indulge in instinctive sexual desires.

esp. when the japer is at first with the japee in a non predatory (platonic) way. The more adorable and harmless the japer is, the greater the degree of jape.
we were watching a movie and she started falling asleep but i really wanted to hook up. so i japed her. she really liked me though so it's ok.
by japeallday October 23, 2009
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