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A typically male japanophile. Sailor moon? Tentacle porn? Every porn girl in a schoolgirl skirt? Keep these people away from the children.
While Ejovi insisted he watched anime for its artistic merit, I think he's really just a japedophile, who's in to little kids.
by udmeister May 15, 2006
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Non-Japanese person who behaves more like a Japanese than their Japanese counterparts. For example, a Japedophile may: 1) have a large anime collection, 2) majored in Japanese Studies/language, 3) always had a Japanese boyfriend/girlfriend, 4) dreams of teaching English in Japan, 5) studies Japanese martial arts, 6) owns only Japanese AV/porn, and 7) like Japanese food over all else. They also may practice Japanese religions, perfer to speak Japanese, and play with tokimeki dolls.
Tim is such a Japedophile. Even girlfriend Aiko is getting sick of always talking about Japan to him.
by Bishamon August 25, 2006

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