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Consisting of, or referring to "janx". Usually associated with a negative connotation. Synonymous with, "tricky", "messy", "bullshit". In general: resembling cheap, shitty garbage.

Sometimes, also can be used as "sketchy", "unreliable", or "questionable".
This clusterfuck homework is so janxy, it makes me want to vom.
by bwseventytwo November 18, 2010
Janxy means to be greazy,
meaning mean or cold
"that was hella janxy"
by hahalooser! December 03, 2007
Slang for anxious or wary of a situation.
My friends were all telling me to do it, but I felt a little janxy about it.
by langerdanger1 March 24, 2009
something that is all janxed up.
something that relates to a janxsta
WOoah yo teeth is allll janxed up!
by grandma March 15, 2005
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