Sexual, kinky, raunchy, basically to describe something as being dirty.
She said what? THAT'S JANKY!
by dizzy miss fizzy April 25, 2008
skanky and junky, what the Hawaiians call 'had-it'
Nikki is one janky chick.
These are my jankiest jeans.
by what's it to ya December 14, 2007
Messed up, foul looking, skanky, in need of attention, gross. Usually referring to someone's physical appearance that is not fresh or in top shape.
Damn girl, your nails are all chipped up. You better go to the salon because they're looking janky as hell!
by melissuhann July 20, 2014
If someone's janky, they're disrespectful to their elders, usually in schools.
Younger child - Urm that's my chocolate bar!
Older Child - Dont be janky!

Younger child - You failed in your examm LOL
Older child - fuck off you janky shit.
by oundelian August 28, 2012
A hanky that has been Jizzed on.
Hey man, you got a hanky?

Nah mate, all I have is this janky.

Whats a janky?

Its a hanky I jizzed.


Give me everything you've got !!

Here you go.

Wtf is this?

My Janky.
by xoA7Xox December 28, 2009
Very bad, not funky fresh
Kid 1: hey nice shoes

kid 2: yeah dems old but dems kickin', dems kickin'

Awesome kid: Dem shoes ain't funky fresh dems janky yo.
by Baby Cealz December 07, 2009
Blonde girl around the age 18, usually referred to as Ho.
Madi: Hey what happened to Emily last night?
Whitney: She Passed out arond 10:30
Madi: What a Janky Bitch.
by WhitJoyMadHil September 27, 2009
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