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an girl(usually indian) who is almost attractive but just not quite there. the term originated in the bay area.
saif: damn fahad! that girl with the dark skin and highlights is kinda cute
fahad: nah bro shes janky
by saiffahad February 13, 2011
1 2
It works, but it's broken
I need to buy a new stereo to replace that old janky one
by antanime December 05, 2010
1 2
Very bad, not funky fresh
Kid 1: hey nice shoes

kid 2: yeah dems old but dems kickin', dems kickin'

Awesome kid: Dem shoes ain't funky fresh dems janky yo.
by Baby Cealz December 07, 2009
1 2
Blonde girl around the age 18, usually referred to as Ho.
Madi: Hey what happened to Emily last night?
Whitney: She Passed out arond 10:30
Madi: What a Janky Bitch.
by WhitJoyMadHil September 27, 2009
8 9
an adjective describing something or more commonly someone who is lame.
yo that girl bree is janky. she thinks she's all that.
by luthor31 September 22, 2009
1 2
To be nasty or uncool.
That shit is JANKY! or Ugh! her breath smells janky!
by Cass and Ashley July 02, 2009
1 2
something not right. sneaky or unbelievable.
Wow, dude thats Janky.
by vbearr April 20, 2009
2 3