an undesireable item that has both bad taste in style and quality.
That old shoe is janky.
by Lee Chun May 25, 2003
An adjective describing an object or location that is of poor quality or broken down. While expressing negative characteristics, janky is often used as a term of endearment for objects past their prime but still appreciated.
My '92 civic has terrible mileage, manual windows, and a broken stereo but I'd never get rid of it. I love that janky car.

You hungry? I know this janky Chinese restaurant downtown. Probably violates ten health codes but the chow mein is amazing.
by JWoCA November 10, 2010
An item of poor quality
The keyboard is old & janky
by carlo$ July 21, 2005
Any form of cloth you blow your load into
Jerking off into a sock "sock = janky"
by Fmackey March 28, 2014
(adj.) A JANKY person is your friend, while secretly stealing everything you own in a sneaky manner: such as your wallet, drugs, girl friend, or anything in sight left unattended.
"I woke up and all my shit was gone! That JANKY fucker even stole the shoes off my feet!"

"I couldn't find my dope anywhere, and that JANKY Johnny helped me look for it! Come to find out he had it in his pocket the whole time yet still helped look for it, that sneaky bastard!"
by JANKY SICILIANZ February 02, 2009
A description of an Item that is broke down, wore out or in need of bad repair. -"Junky"-
This janky car bout to break down.
by DZWilliams October 27, 2006
An adjective used to describe anything;To be Sleezy, Skeezy, Undersireble, Gross, Shady or anything in between.
"Did you see Laquisha Grinding on Dayvon at dat party? You could straight see her coochie."

"Yes, why she gotta be such a Janky hoe?".

"She was born that way."
by Nonie-Lafonduh-Avocado February 11, 2009

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