an undesireable item that has both bad taste in style and quality.
That old shoe is janky.
by Lee Chun May 25, 2003
An adjective describing an object or location that is of poor quality or broken down. While expressing negative characteristics, janky is often used as a term of endearment for objects past their prime but still appreciated.
My '92 civic has terrible mileage, manual windows, and a broken stereo but I'd never get rid of it. I love that janky car.

You hungry? I know this janky Chinese restaurant downtown. Probably violates ten health codes but the chow mein is amazing.
by JWoCA November 10, 2010
Despicably dishonest incompetent self serving shady bastard of a character, questionable quality, often used in conjunction with "cheap ass piece of shit " of very poor quality. no integrity, useless, not to be trusted. no good
That janky doctor performs janky procedures on old people just to get the insurance money before they die.


That janky piece of jewelry my janky boyfriend gave me fell apart the first time I wore it.
by luvya July 06, 2013
A description of an Item that is broke down, wore out or in need of bad repair. -"Junky"-
This janky car bout to break down.
by DZWilliams October 27, 2006
something that is fucked up.
like if your bro gets his dick shot off and a dog starts eating it, youd call it a jankies situation.
by adam the masta p playa March 09, 2003
Something that is defective, sub-par, sketchy or questionable.
Uhle is janky ever since he decided to skip work in order to go camping.

I would never go camping with Uhle as he is super janky in the way he always wants to share a tent and sleeping bag with someone.
by TSwift201410 September 19, 2013
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