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Broke down
under constant repair
"Look at that jankey ass car ridin on 4 donuts, with trashbags all in the backseat windows n shit."
by Wesso September 23, 2003
Adjetive. Anything that is beyond repair, of dubious quality, or otherwise without quality.
"Hey Jiba, what do you think of this drawing?"
"Man, that shit Jankey, dog, y'know-what-I'm-sayin?"
by Broke ass art student September 05, 2005
Messed up
man k.c. is jankey tonight

that is so jankey
by Linsay March 14, 2004
A jizzy hankey
Person 1:Hey dude have you ot a tissue, I'm about to sneeze.
Person 2:Nah man, all ive got is this jankey
Person 1:Whats a jankey?
Person 2: A hankey i jizzed on
by The Wizard In Black October 01, 2009
"Jankey" is another term used when some idea your friend has seems crazy or not very interesting,
Dude, that sounds pretty jankey to me.
by Shane Newton July 04, 2006
used to describe the half pirate, half hammer-head shark guy in the second "Pirates of The Caribbean"
Steve: "Dude, DJ, check out that hammer-head shark thing! He's so jankey."

DJ: "haha... jankey? wtf hahahaha!"
by M-Low August 26, 2007
Any time you are hit in the genitals with a tool owned by you but operated by someone else.
It was jankey when Mike took Alex's putter and nut-tapped him with it.
by DrAllstar April 11, 2008
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