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1) A frozen espresso drink made with "high caffeine" content beans, 100% pure chocolate syrup, whole milk and chocolate ice cream. Invented by a group of coffee freaks @ 1994 in Santa Rosa, CA that had way to much time on their hands.

2) A euphoric state brought on by mass consumption of the non-alcoholic drink "janglies".
1) "Dude, why don't ya come over and we'll drink janglies and smoke cigarette's all day."

2)"Man I feel like I been up drinking janglies all night."
by DJ Schweitz July 04, 2010
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The act of being hyperactive or in a state of excitement.
Don't drink too much coffee or you might get all jangly.
by Jangly McJangle December 14, 2011
A man's balls. Also can apply to anything that dangles and that is jangly.
Where the fuck these janglies comin' from?

My inspiration for this piece: janglies.

She was straight slobbin' and bobbin'. Firm grip on my janglies. Very nice.
by Skeb June 02, 2007
an appendage or other protrusion extending out and away from the body, but specifically pertaining to a length of facial hair hanging from the chin of Wayne Static (STATIC-X)
Jen, watch out for the janglies!
by Rob "Red BEARD" Truesdale February 12, 2004

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