To perform an act of trikery, or to be the object of a prank.
Originally comes from the word "bajangled" a euphemism for intoxicated
"I jangled Blake when I locked his head to a pole with a bike lock."
by PrimeTime August 23, 2004
Top Definition
Broke-down, falling apart, not right, old, ugly.
I loved this phone when I first got it, but now it's jangled and I really want the new iPhone.
by YOUNG614JAJ February 02, 2010
When your junk gets tangled in your underwear.

synonyms: testicle rebellion, fruit basket hodge-podge, crotch riot, genitalia free-for-all, gonad pandemonium, disorderly privates, stones tossed, nut knot
I was walking at a fast pace but had to slow down because I got all jangled up.
by ghostfinger June 04, 2014

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