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A method of alcohol consumption where someone puts alcohol into their anus to get drunk. The alcohol may be poured in directly, or inserted via an alcohol soaked tampon or other suppository. This method of alcohol consumption gives more pronounced results than drinking orally, and also avoids alcohol in the breath which may aid in passing of sobriety tests.

In addition to alcohol, booty bonging may be used for more rapid and effective absorption of other chemical intoxicants as well, including marijuana, cocaine or heroine. Some booty bong users additionally report positive effects from eating food via anal insertion.
"Max was booty bonging hard at the party last night, he was so wasted!"
"I had gotten drunk from booty bonging a whiskey soaked tampon in my ass last week, but when I was pulled over for DUI, I was able to pass the breathalyzer and make it home safe"
by wdaloz February 25, 2010
When a drink is served with ice. Typically but not exclusively used with regard to cubed ice in glassware. Comes from the sound of an icecube in glassware.

Synonymous with "on ice" or on the rocks.

Derivatives include: "With a dangle" and "With a jingle"
"I like my Gin neat, but I prefer my scotch with a jangle."

"I'll have a glass of cola, with a jangle please"
by wdaloz January 30, 2014
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