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Oral Sex/ When a guy dips his balls in a girls mouth while she's laying down
Soul Plane allows lots of T Baggin.
by PrimeTime June 09, 2004
Short for Digital-To-Analog converter, usually a computer chip that converts digital data into analog signals. A DAC is used in computer devices such as Grapic and Audio Cards, Modems etc.
"Our customers can rely on our new DAC to perform very well"
by PrimeTime February 19, 2005
To be, or have been, intoxicated. Originally comes from Mr. Bo-Jangles.
"last night I was so bajangled, I passed out in the middle of the street"; "PrimeTime was so bajangled after beer bonging a sparkx"
by PrimeTime August 23, 2004
The piece of skin Between the Vagina and the asshole.
Cussif it wasn't there it would be one big hole
by Primetime February 04, 2004
To perform an act of trikery, or to be the object of a prank.
Originally comes from the word "bajangled" a euphemism for intoxicated
"I jangled Blake when I locked his head to a pole with a bike lock."
by PrimeTime August 23, 2004
the ass, the buttox of an individual,
Jeanna let me hit it in the can!
by Primetime September 17, 2004
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