A severe mistake or misjudgement
that right turn was a jangle
by Ryan Mones October 25, 2004
'Jang' is a noun meaning 'testicle' that has many uses and derivatives. When used in the plural ('jangs'), it refers to the balls as a whole, thus including the scrotum.

Its most diverse and most used derivative is it's verb form, 'jangle'. Strictly defined, this means to strike a male in the balls but 'jangle' has seen other uses resultant of its noun form, 'jangler' (see below). Thus, when used with a direct object (generally a name), 'jangle' means to strike said direct object in the balls. However, when used intransitively, it means to act like a jangler (definition two).

'Jangler' is the gerund noun form of 'jangle'. It has two meanings: first, it is more strictly defined as one who strikes males in the balls. Less strictly, however, it can also be used as a label for one who is equally distasteful as a nut-puncher, generally one who is arrogant, deceptive, or foolish.
"My jangs are itchy today."

"Whoa! Did you see how hard Frank just got jangled?"
"Look at Roger jangling around over there."

"Protect your balls; I hear there's a jangler about."
"Jon just told me he can bench more than that body-builder. What a jangler!"
by GBC The Box November 28, 2009
to jangle is to drop the d add the j and jangle that shit
wyer jangled the hell out of everybody on the ice
by matt weeeir January 18, 2007
The sound of two testicles smacking together.
I got balls that jingle, jangle, jingle.
by Buzz Cola October 22, 2003
the male genitals
"watch me jiggle my jangles, Danny!"
by jon toppings December 28, 2003
balls that hang from the penis
shit i was jerking jangles the other day and my mom caught me
by curtis June 20, 2003
Act of smacking a guy in the balls
by Mitch Kumpstein January 17, 2003
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