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amazingly awesome; best friend material; wal-mart lover; never been fishing; likes cool socks; poptart eater
Jamy decided to go to wal-mart because she loves it so much.
by sara-without-the-oh brownah June 24, 2008
Friendly. A best-friend like person who loves to encourage her friends to be proud of who they are. Faithful and God Fearing person. An extraordinary type of lover who is willing to sacrifice everything for her beloved and is a faithful, thoughtful and expressive lover.

A little bit vain and conceited but a humorous one. Is sensitive but knows how to manage her emotions.
I want to have a best friend like Jamy!!
by Hienna8888 September 26, 2011
Blond college-grad girls from Seattle. Generally thinks they are "Down with it" but they haven't got a clue.

Also retarded when it comes to anything electrical
he give me the computer, stop being Jamy!
by CrazyTimeChris August 16, 2008
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