the girl who is beyond beautiful. she will kiss you like no other woman and love you like youve never been loved. she will make sure youre happy and put you first before herself. she knows the truth, so lying is NOT a good thing to do. she is gorgeous all around no matter what she wears. many guys are attracted to her but not many approach her. she is a dime that can make any guy feel richer than the rich. alot of crazy things can happen if your with her and she can be what you never expect. she got wild ways, she can be calm. she is fun to be around and a person you can talk to about whatever you want. you dont need to hide anything. you will never meet a specie like her! im telling you! her vagina is a diamond. her body is gold. she got flaws but she perfect. her smile is brighter than the sun. shes the girl lil wayne raps about. introduce yourself to her before someone else does
Him: I heard she good with dem soft lips.
Phil: oh you talking about Jamillah. you gotta find out man! i heard she good with lots of other things too
by TeejaySmith May 24, 2011
Top Definition
In Arabic, the name 'Jamillah' literally means 'beautiful'.
Jamillah lives up to the Arabic translation of her name, beautiful.
by Ichabod The Crane March 29, 2009
Arabic for "beautiful" or "lovely" & that's just what she is; inside and out. She's crazy or to herself. An exotic, laid back, loving, caring, funny person. Perfect wifey material & very impactive towards people around her. Shes awesome to have around!!
Fred: "yo i met the most perfect chick today
Tom: "man you lucky, keep that jamillah around"
by Roy Michael October 14, 2010
Jamillah \j(a)-millah, jam(il)-lah\ is a variant of Jameelah (Arabic) and Jamila (Arabic), and the meaning of Jamillah is "beautiful; lovely".
Jamillah lives up to the Arabic translation of her name, beautiful.
by Raspberry Water August 18, 2009
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