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The regions of contact on your inner thighs, located a few inches in either direction from the bonch.
I love going commando, but at the end of the day my jamblies really hurt!

Jogging is great and all, but it's so brutal on the jamblies once the hair is worn off.
by The Biologizer March 05, 2011
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adj. A pejorative term indicating some sort of disorganization, lack of cohesion, or where components that are supposed to represent a whole do not work together efficiently, revealing their individual characteristics over the unity of the whole, thus provoking feelings of distaste, disgust, or disappointment. Choppy and rough from the inside out. Dissonant or discordant.

Possibly related to jumbled, or jangly.
The redraw on this window is all jambly. Try double buffering it, and displaying it when it's finished updating.
by Charles Hastings November 04, 2007
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